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Pythagorean TheoremIt is used to find the length of the third side of a right triangle. To find the length of the third side you have to add a2+b2 To get c2.

Triangles are found everywhere in the envirnment. They're found inbrigdes, the roofs of houses and company logos and art.

A triangle where all threesides are the same lengthis an equilateral triangle. A triangle where none of the sidesare the same length is a scalene triangle. A trianglewhere two of the sides are the same length is an isosceles triangle.

A triangle that has three angles that are less than 90 degrees is an acute triangle. A right triangle has one angle that's 90 degrees. An obtuse triangle has one angle that greater than 90 degrees.

The requirements for the sides of a triangle are: The two shortest sides added together must be greater than the longest side.

To be a triangle all of the angles must equal 180 degrees. For example,60+60+60=18040+80+60=18090+45+45=180

The relationship between the sides and angles of a triangle are: the shortest side is opposite of the smallest angle, the longest side is across from the largest angle, the middle side is opposite from the middle angle.



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