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Content Grade: Select Three Historical Sites:Make sure to have one fact and one image of each site.Full Points 6pts: Site is accurate and interesting and fact matches pictures.5 pts: Has 3 sites but facts are not interesting or pictures not clear.4pts: Is missing a pictures or a fact and has only 2 sites completed.3pts: Has only one site completed with one fact.

To Get Full Credit Make sure you:

Technical Grade:Font Full 2pts: Font is appropriate and not hard to readImages: 2pts: Images are sized correctly and not too big or too small.Layout: 2pt: Layout is appealing and not to empty or too crowded.Notes 2pts: Each Image has one note attached with a fact attached to it.

Make sure you use one new text box for each fact! Do not put them all in one text box. What is a text box? This is a text box.

Technical Grade (cont)Selection of Frames 2pts: Frames were not too big or too small for text.


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