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House of Usher-$1,000,000.00 contast

Just available a stunning house with spectacular country living. This is a low maintenance lot out in the beautiful country. It was constructed in 1839 around World War I. The earlier owners that lived in this house were somewhat crazy, and often died of illnesses. The previous owners were also part of a very loving family. Built just the way this family wanted it, with three floors and vault for the deceased and loving family. The surprising deaths left the only choice of leaving behind everything the house included. They will never regret dying of their illnesses in this house because it was a cozy, storybook, fantasy home.

Come enjoy the usable land of the house of usher. This house is surrounded by rank yet green around the edges of the sedges and linen white trunks of delicately decaying trees. The dwelling is encircled by a beautifully black and lovely lured tarn. The domain includes bleak walls colored by vines of ivy and vacant doll-house like windows. You must now come and see the inside. The entrance is topped with a museum-like gothic archway. You don’t need to worry about painting walls because this house uses somber tapestries and also includes beautiful drapes. Think you need new furniture? Think again because the furniture included is fashionable, artistic, and also cozy. Hopefully you love to read because this house has an amazing library right inside! Last but not least because you will fall in love with this house there is a place for a beautiful tomb. Nothing like living, dying, and being buried in the same place!

The beautiful scenery of this home will have your attention and wanting the house in minutes maybe even seconds. Yes a young man died in this house, but its beauty passes the young woman’s spirit, making you never feel alone. Also a young man died in this beautiful house reaching his dream of reuniting with his long lost twin sister. There is a long crack up the front of the home, but it adds character and gives a warm, welcoming breeze. Don’t worry about animals bothering your outdoor activities because there isn't any. The sad and depressing impression of this house will keep thieves from venturing. Don’t let the loneliness get to you because you are in a pet friendly neighborhood. I am sure you will love this home so don't let the spirits bother you!

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