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Bloodblood is the red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the body

Formed Elements- Erythrocytes (red blood cell) - Leukocytes (white blood cell) -Thrombocytes (platelets

- The red blood contains hemoglobin which is a protein that contains iron and are responsible for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide.- The white blood cells could either produce antibodies that overpower germs or surround and devour any bacterial presence.- Platelets are colorless and shaped irregularly. Their surface is sticky in nature and this is what makes them the blood clotting element in the blood.

Blood Circulation


1) Transportation2) Protection3) Regulation

Components Of Blood

Blood Plasma

Blood plasma is the pale-yellow liquid component of blood that normally holds the blood cells in whole blood in suspension

Blood Composition

Types of Blood Plasma- Albumins are transport proteins in the blood. - Globulins, specifically immunoglobulins, work in the immune system as antibodies. - Fribrinogen works in clotting.




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