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Allegany County Learning Team

Maryland STEM Portfolio Project

Through the use of a storm water model unit, GIS software, and GPS hardware, we have learned:•The use of layers in ARC•Sources of information and data that can be downloaded to the program•The importance of concise directions•Ability to link coordinates•How to import GPS data into GIS software

Implementation of GIS knowledge and software will add another dimension to our instructional approach.• In the short term, participation in geographic information system technologies increases our students’ reasoning abilities and spatial awareness. In the future, many career paths will be linked to GIS and the students who are aware of and comfortable with these technologies will thrive. •By applying, maintaining, and supporting STEM initiatives, we will be creating the workforce for the 21st century. •The Model Storm Water Unit supplements our curricula at elementary and middle school levels (Ex: Earth Science Curriculum). Each of us will adapt the lessons and strategies to reflect our own projects. We will be adapting the unit based on grade level, school location, and relevance. •After having participated in this workshop, we are also better prepared to integrate technology and Web 2.0 tools into our STEM projects. Furthermore, this new knowledge can be applied to any curriculum area. The use of technology and Web 2.0 tools will engage our students, encourage discussion and collaboration, and prepare our students for the future.

As a learning team we will work to:•Provide enthusiasm for new technologies.•Test technologies and make recommendations.•Develop ideas based on different abilities and contents. •Be communicators and liaisons.•Provide professional development to expose teachers to Web 2.0 tools.



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