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Unwind: By Neal Shusterman

Main Characters

Connor- Connor is a very interesting character. His parents decided to unwind him because of his anger management problems and the trouble he caused in school. Connor drastically changes throughout the book and ends up taking over the Graveyard- a refuge for hundreds of Unwinds.

Risa- Risa is an orphan, she is being unwound because the owners of the orphanage don think she is skilled enough. Although she can play the piano, they think she has reached her full potential. Risa meets Connor and get in a very close relationship with each other. She ends up helping him take over the Graveyard.

Lev-Lev is a tithe, born and raised to be unwound.Lev understands and appreciates his role as a tithe. But after a few life changing experiences his personality changes. He becomes street smart and begins to steal. In the end, Lev becomes a hero and helps save 3 unwinds.

Theme: If there is a will, there is a way!

Other Characters:Roland is a boy Connor and Risa encounter. Roland has a shark tattoo on his arm, and he and Connor clash on many occasions, since both of them like to run things their way and have strong personalities. Roland is malicious and doesn't seem very smart, but this is actually a ploy in order to have things go his way more often- in actuality he manipulates situations in order to get what he wants. He tried to force Risa to like him but failed. He was unwound before Clappers destroyed the "Chopshop". After being unwound, Connor, not having a choice, receives his arm with the shark tattoo. Conner swears never to touch Risa with that arm, but Risa does not take this promise into account, saying that it is not Roland's arm anymore as Roland would never be as kind and gentle as Conner could be.

The Admiral" is a man who used to work for the military, giving runaway unwinds a safe haven in an airplane junkyard from the "Juvey Cops". It is revealed that he is in fact Admiral Dunfee, father of the supposed myth of Humphrey Dunfee, an unwind whose parents went insane and killed the people that had their son's pieces in order to make him whole again. In actuality, he was a good, though fierce, person who was determined to have each person who received a part of "Humphrey" Dunfee in one place to see his son again, though not technically together in one body

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