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Eric Witmer, Masters of War- Bob Dylan

The song masters of war was written in 1963, to protest the veitnam war. The song was taken well by the people because of how it was writte. Bob Dylan Wrote the song to Criticize the the American officials.

The song was written because of the veitnam war. The U.S went into Veitnam to stop the spreed of communsm. The problem started went the government sent teenagers to war. The U.S had a draft that sent everybody out of high school to war.

This song Masters of War can still be rlevent to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Its still relevent because the government people are still hiding behind desks and still hiding behind walls.

Some of the song lyrics of Masters of War are, You've Thrown the worst fear that ever can be hurled. Fear of the children into the world. You that hide hide behind walls. You that hind behind Desks.



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