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A glog, a glog, what's in a glog.

Learning of material: evidnea; of reserch, information that most people don't know (we should learn something from your Glog), exceptional understanding of material when you present (can easily answer questions, share more info n ot on a Glog)

Graphics:related to the theme/purpose, high quality, enhance reader interest or understanding

Linkshigh quality, up-to-date, credible (sites where you found your information should be linked to your Glog)Layout: attractive and usable, easy to locate all important elements, white space, graphic elements and alignmenta re used effectively to organize materialFonts: consistent, easy to read, point size varies appropriately for headings and text, font styles (italic, bold, underline) is used consistently and improves readabilityColor Choices - backgrounds and fonts form a pleasing palette, do not detract from the content, and are consistent



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