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Solar Energy

Solar energy is where grids collect & compact & then will turn into electrical power & heating.

Solar power is the generation of electricity from sunlight. This can be direct as with photovoltaics (PV), or indirect as with concentrating solar power (CSP), where the sun's energy is focused to boil water which is then used to provide power.

Wind Power

Wind power is on the rise. It has double in the past three years. Several countries have achieved relatively high levels of wind power penetration such as 19% of stationary electricity production in Denmark, 13% in Spain and Portugal, and 7% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland in 2008. As of May 2009, eighty countries around the world are using wind power on a commercial basis.

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a usuable form of energy. Such as using wind turnbines to create electricity.

If it continues to double in use every two to three years, or less, it would become the dominant energy source this century.



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