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setting - the setting is in northern canada. Also it took place in a forest full of animals,houses, rivers ,and Rocky mountains.

authors purpose - The authors purpose is to entertain

This story is a cool exciting book If you like animals or people getting lost and finding their way home. I think you might be interested in this story.

characters - the characters are Bodger Sassy and the young dog.

middle -the animals went without food for days but the cat cought her own food.They trie to get out .The young dog tried to eat a porkypine and got poked in the nose.

beggining -The family of the animals go on vacation. The animals get out of the fence and go in the woods and get lost.

end -soon the animals saw a glimpse of the town and headed that way. they ran into train tracks and bodger fell through wood he was in a hole. he got out soon but the other animals were home he got home safe and the owners were so happy.

The Incridible journey

the author is Sheila Burnford

Bodger is a smart dog. he knows how to catch his own food.He knows how to protect himself from a cougar.

Sassy is smart ,clean,and active.She does not like sleeping in dirt.She can catch her food,she does that very well.

young dog is helpless he can't do anything right. He tries to eat a porkypine and gets poked in the nose.



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