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Corinne and Emmanuel

Summarizing the interviews: Corinne: A teacher who came from a farming background and went on to become educated. Emmanuel: A student form a lower-class family who is studying history. Was acctepted into a elite program through a recommendation from the Minister of education.Both are the first generation into university.

Outcomes of the interviews: What does Bourdieu want to show?Corinne struggles with the complexities of social mobility...those who lack cultural/social/economic capital struggle more than those who acquire these forms of capital from birth.

Social and cultural capital, habitus: Corinne: Cultural capital - parent's are uneducated academically so does not feel she has the ability to articulate in the school system.Habitus- Comes from a farm family, feels she is still part of her family by having her position as a teacher, yet yearms to grow as an individual. Fells held back by her habitus. Social Capital - Corinne experiences a lack of social capital as making the connnections she would like to make causes her tension with her prior experiences and family connections.Emmanuel: Gained acceptence into the program through his mothers social capital. However, was not able to nevigate the structure of the system do to lack of cultural capital.Habitus: Emmanuel's background and fundamental beliefs are different from those of his school peers. This has been an obstacle to making friends, and removed him from his community and habitus.



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