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2. How much of Earth is made up of oceans/water?3.Are other bodies of water salty like the ocean?A lake?A pond?A river?Rain and puddles?

Why is the ocean salty?

1. Has anyone else noticed this?Do you notice anything else about the salt other than it makes the water taste salty?

4. Where does salt come from?5. Where does ocean water come from?

6. What happens in the water cycle and how does it affect the oceans?(draw a diagram)*Do experiment/demo! (The video clip demonstrates what happens in the exeriment.)

Why do you think the ocean is salty??

Experiment/Demo:-Put a few drops of salt water onto a clear glass dish.-Set dish in sun until the water evaporates.-Observe the glass after evaporation.-What did you observe and what does this tell you?You will need:-salt, water-clear glass dish or glass-water dropper



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