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1)Wolverine appeared in a comic called Giant-Sized Xmen after the Hulk comic.2) Wolverine was created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita Sr. in 1974.3)John Romita Sr. designed the first wolverine costume.

1)Logan wanted to start all over again, but he wanted to resolve a problem.2)Goes back to China about the mistakes fifty years ago.3)Took the name of 'Black Dragon' because he wanted to fix everything that happened.

1) Aaron, the author, wanted a superhero to have a small stature and a fierce temper.2)Wein works for both "Marvel&DC;"3) Romita is a comic-book artist and drew a variety of Cpt. America.

3 Key facts about authors/artists

3 history facts of comics

Facts about super hero

3 points about the story

1. Absolutly outstanding, enjoyed every bit of it.2. Very suspensful images with intriguing dialoge kept me focused while reading.3. Perfect multi-plot comic with intense surprises.

1. First appeared in a Hulk comic in Oct. 19742. Comics were not in order.3. Wolverine's mask was a mistake.



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