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A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove byJames Moloney

A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove by James Moloney is a realistic teen issues book. It’s about a family called the Matts. The mother, Kerry, has had three divorces. During each marriage, she had a child, Sarah 19, Carl 15 and Harley 10. Kerry can’t handle it, so she runs away every now and again and Sarah has to look after the kids. One day Kerry leaves and never comes back. Sarah eventually saves up money and runs away to Europe, leaving Carl and Harley to live at Wattle Beach with their Auntie Beryl, who isn’t a very nice lady. Carl always hopes that his mother will come back one day. Harley is a troublemaker. Carl and Harley meet the Duncan family, which leads to changes in their lives as they discover why people hate the Matt family and how to overcome it. I think that it is a great book. I really enjoyed reading every word. Teenagers up to the age of 16 would find this book interesting, as would some adults. There is a quite a bit of swearing in it,


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