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Visiting Authors!

Our visiting authors this year were:P- 3 Rebecca Johnson4- 6 Richard Newsome

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To write a book you have to learn how to talk.

Character is all about what you do when no one is around.

Rebecca Johnson's work is loved by many children. They all have read at least one of her books!What makes her work different from another author is she works with photographs AND not just any photographs but those of the renown photographer Steve Parrish. "To write a book you need to learn how to talk!"Rebecca uses photographs to write her stories and she talks through the story using these pictures even before she puts her ideas down on paper.The students in Prep to Year 3 were given the opportunity to learn how she does this and to create their own story using photographs lusing the techniques she uses to write stories.

On Tuesday the 1st March, Year 4,5 and 6 went to see Richard Newsome. He came to talk to us about his book that had just been published, called the 'Billionaire's Curse', which is about a boy who is left behind with his aunt's fortune. But he soon finds out that his aunt was murdered and the murderer is out to get him. By the end of his talk, I am not sure about the other children, but I was itching to read it.He talked to Year 6 about helpful hints we can use in writing our Refugee Journals, for example: different situations that we could put our characters in to make it interesting to read (by adding pressure). I found it quite enjoyable and I certainly will use some of his tips to make my journal the best it can be. Year 6 student Jessica Palyreyman



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