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Glog Tips

Glog It! Some tips on creating Glogs


Free Sounds

Log into Ideal, access Discovery Learning under Curriculum Resources

Convert YouTube files from home, on Zamzar, here's the link


Free sound effects

- Showcase learning in any subject-Create a "train of learning" of a subject-Collaboration opportunity- Use as a "webquest"

- Use as a website addition-Showcase a unit-Create a scavenger hunt- Online resource for students to access anywhere-Foster communication between projects-Create a how-to

Student Ideas

Teacher Ideas

By the end of today, you will have an educator Glogster account with student accounts, brainstorm some ideas on how to use the tool and leave with some kind of product.

Student example on a poet/poetry biography on Ralph Waldo Emerson

A teacher example on a yearly field trip with information and student comments.



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