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glog-surf ethics

Surfing was once an idyllic pursuit where a handful of like minded, laid back types could share waves and enjoy each others company. With a huge growth in this sport, there is overcrowding, less waves per person, hence greed and violence in the surf occuring more and more.

"Why are all these learners in the water?They do nothing but get in the way. They should stick to the safe beaches where they won't get hurt and we won't get hit by their boards"

"The waves don't belong to anyone so anyone should be able to surf wherever they want. The good surfers should have the kills to avoid the beginners and also have the fitness to still catch lots of waves. "

1960s surf champ Nat Young was a victim of surf rage. After suffering a violent attack whilst surfing at his local break, he decided to write a book on this phenomenon in surfing to try to understand and help others understand why the viloence occurs


The impact that these attitudes and the ensuing violence has on surfing is that it is seen as less of a laid back lifestyle activity and more of a competitive and aggressive activity.


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