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glog-Splashes of Joy

Splashes of Joy

Learning from Famous Artist

Action painting is a style of painting which is intuitively done by spontaneously dribbling, splashing and smearing of paints onto a canvas by the artist. Watch how famous artist JAckson Pollock did it.....

Let's talk about Art

An example of artwork that resembles this style is this masterpiece done by 3 students of Paya Methodist Girls’ school. (Primary)

Can you guess how the artists create this artworks?

Do you think the artists feel happy when they are in the process of creating this artworks? How do you know?

Look closely at the artwork. Do you think the artists follow to a plan to create the artwork?

Let's try it now!

oResearch on ‘action painting” and find out more about JAckson Pollock and other artists that are well known for this style of painting.oAfter finding more about action painting, its time to experience for yourself!oUse newsprint paper or large butcher paper as canvas. Lay them on the ground outside the classroom.oPut on large old tshirt and get ready big brushes and some containers of paints.oLine up along side of the canvas. oBegin action painting once ready.

Let's Reflect ..

oThink about your experience working on your masterpiece. oShare with your friends how you feel.olist down 5 adjectives that describe your feelings when you are engaged in action painting.


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