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Make a copy Make a copy function allows users to modify and save other users' Glogs.

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Oral Communication

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Glog Presentation2

“Although Glogster wasn't created with educational intent, it may be a good outlet for teens who like to express themselves visually and verbally.”“Glogster is visually appealing and offers users lots of options for designing their glogs. Some teens might find the editing modules a little tricky, since there's no tutorial or rollover text that explains the icons.” from Common Sense Media

How does aGlog work?

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“My favorite feature is being able to hyperlink just about anything.”“There are two versions of Glogster: a public version and an education version. The free teacher account on the education site lets you administer 50 student accounts and share glogs. Premium accounts add some nice features like the ability to micromanage 200 student accounts, organize glogs into classes and projects, do mass messaging, and take advantage of extra glog functionality. However, I’m not sure too many teachers will want to shell out the premium price of $99 a year unless they’ve got a grant to cover the cost. It’s nice that Glogster understands an educator’s need to manage students and organize work and make those tools available.”from the New Learning Institute

What is a Glog?A glog is a creative visual learning platform for students. Students create interactive posters that include photos, videos, and sound.

“The EDU community offered by Glogster is designed to alleviate the problems of inappropriate content and contact with "outsiders" not welcome in your class electronic community. The EDU area provides classes advertising-free glogs and easy teacher monitoring of student work. Students can comment and interact within a ‘gated community’ with education-friendly options for collaboration and learning.” from Teachers First