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The Pardoner's Tale

The Pardoner’s characteristics are exemplified in the story through the three young men who meet their deaths because of their greed.

Characteristics of the NarratorThe Pardoner tells this story. He is driven by greed and works for the church to benefit himself, not the church. His greed and immorality enable him to tell this story because the three young men in the story are also greedy. He knows the effects of greed and knows what it feels like to be greedy.

Moral Money leads to wickedness and sin

Situational Irony The men are trying to kill Death, instead they are killed. The Pardoner is greedy, yet he is preaching against the sin of greed.

Satire Chaucer ridicules profit gained from religion through the character of the Pardoner.

Theme Radix malorum est Cupiditas Greed is the root of all evil

The Summoner and MIller would like this story. The Summoner takes bribes and works for the church to benefit himself. The Miller is greedy and cheats his customers.

The Parson and the Plowman would not like this story. The Parson lives a simple life and spreads the word of God. The Knight fights in the name of God and Christianity. He follows the rules of chivalry.


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