Glog-october tech tips

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Glog-october tech tips

Tech Tips and Tricks

October 2010

CCISD4ME-Parent PortalJust a reminder that on Nov. 1st the parent portal will go live district wide. Parents will be able to sign up for an account on line at When they have an account they will be able to see the following information from your E4 Classes:Teacher infoAnnouncementsAssignmentsClass OutlinePlease let me know if there is anything you need help with in regards to uploading information into your E4 classes.

Be Prepared!We will be getting Office 2007 on our work machines in the spring. (schedule pending)Don't get caught off guard..We have an Office 2007 Tutorial available for you now on the "EHELP" tab in E4.

Helpful Links


Discovery EducationLCI School Code746F-C1C9

Other resources on campus!We still have SmartBoards, Document Cameras, mobi's and class pads, qwizdoms, laptop carts and so much more :)Don't forget about using Active Book Reader as well!



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