Glog-Intel Teach Essentials Course

by loryrous
Last updated 6 years ago

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  • sunrise651 7 years ago

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    Thanks, Mihaela! Wonderful gloggie! Great team! Hope to meet you in Bulgaria too:)

  • loryrous 7 years ago

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    Thank you Rose. Also I would like to meet you again. It was a pleasure for me to meet you, dear Rose :)

  • RoxanaElena 6 years ago

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    Congratulations! >:D< We are proud of you!

  • loryrous 6 years ago

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    Thanks my dear! All these special for my students to joy learning :)

  • cezaradulce 6 years ago

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  • eduambassador 5 years ago

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    yep...great memories together :) Ollie and the course were fantastic...and Prague...ahhh, really in gold

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