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About Louis Rielhe was born on 22 oct.1844 -16 nov.1885. He was the leader of the first nations metis. He led 2 resistances against the canadian government. He wanted to preserve metis rights.

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Thomas scott 1842-1870. was an irish born canadian who was executed by a red river settlment firing sqaud led by the red river rebellion. He was from ontario and was protesting against louis riel and thats why they executed him.

John A. Macdonald was the first P.minister of canada and the figure of canadian confederation. 11 jan.1815- 6 june 1891 .He was the second longest prime minister in canada.He was hanged because he helped Louis Riel.

The first rebellion was the red river resistance which lasted from 1869-1870.The provisional government established by Louis Riel negotiated the terms which the province of Manitoba entered in the Canadian Confederation. Louis Riel was forced into in the United Statesbecause of the execution of Thomas Scott during the rebellion. He was elected 3 times in the house of commons.The other resistance was a military confrontation known as the NorthWest Rebellion of 1885. It ended in his arrest and execution.

The Manitoba Act: It was given royal assent in the 33rd year of Queen Victorias reign, may 12,1870. It formed or created Manitoba. Its a part of the constituesion of canada. It was adopted by parlement in response to Metis concerns of the provisional government led by Louis Riel.Louis Riel was a big influence on the Manitoba Act since it was based on his list of rights. The red river colony and its suroundings would become the province of Manitoba. Although Manitoba would have there province controlled by Ottowa.

Manitoba Act continued: However John A.Macdonald convinced the British to send a military expedition to Manitoba led by Colonel Wolseley. White settlers poured into the province, and the Métis were kept waiting for their land grants.

Riel was in Francophone regions of Canada and his execution had a lasting influence on relations between the province of Quebec and Canada.John A. Macdonald

Humanities Louise Riel and the Manitoba Act



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