Glog-Jack Dempsey

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Glog-Jack Dempsey

I held the World Heavyweight Championin 1919, 1020, 1021 and 1921

Jack Dempsey

"The Battle of the Long Count"

Jack Dempsey was a great boxer in the 1920s. He fought a total of 70 boxing matches. His record was 64 wins, 6 loses, 51 knockouts, 9 draws and 5 no decision matches. Six times Dempsey won The World Heavyweight Title. Dempsey was born June 24th, 1895 in Colorado and died on May 31st in New York. Dempsey was the 9th out of 11 children. Jack Dempsey played a big part in the 1920s Golden Age of Sports. He was the face of his sport and made boxing popular during this time period. His matches were broadcasted on the radio. These broadcast along with the popular baseball broadcast of this time period helped make spectator sports what they are today. In his retirement he opened a restaurant called Jack Dempsey's Broadway Restaurant in New York City's Time Square. During WWI Dempsey joined New York State National Guard and later resigned as a lieutenant in the Coast Guard Reserve.


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