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I have been able to accomplish soooo much in the first standard because of this program. I'm not afraid of trying things with my students anymore. Just this school year, my students have written and recorded podcasts and video blogs. I'm using technology in ways that I never would have thought possible in a math class.

National Educational Technology Standards

The second goal is where I probably still have the most work to do. I try very hard to use technology to address the diverse needs of my students (such as podcasts and video blogs). However, I still need to work on using technology to allow my students more freedom over their own learning.

I feel that the fourth strand is probably where I have always done the best job. Through the use of Gaggle, I have been able to go over safety and appropriateness with my students. I have also used instances of friend requests on social networking sites to share safety with my students.

When I became the school webmaster because of my internship, I immediately improved in the third standard. I now use technology to communicate with parents on a daily basis. Most of my parents also understand that the easiest way for me to communicate with them about their child's progress is through email.

I have made the most growth in the fifth standard. I am now the technology leader in my school. Other teachers and even the administration comes to me for advice on using technology. I have the opportunity to influence other's use on an almost daily basis.


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