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What is a Learning Glog?It is a learning log in the form of a personal journal/book that records a pupil's knowledge and understanding about a given learning objective. This can now incorporate the new 'Glogster' interactive program. Up to one page of a two page project can be a 'Glogster' information poster.This learning objective will be set by the teacher and is often linked to work being covered at school; this will allow pupils to extend and consolidate their learning at home.It allows pupils to present work in whichever way they feel they learn best and there is no right of wrong way or doing this.

Work can be presented in a variety of ways; illustrated, written, note form, small collages and of course a 'Glogster' poster. The work presented should be the child's own work and not purely 'cut and pasted' from the internet sites; this is not acceptable.

Learning 'Glogs' help to develop thinking and creativity skills. The time-scale for completion depends on the project... usually between two-four weeks, but the end date will always be specified.

The amount of the content will also be specified at two pages per project and parents are invited to comment on their child's approach to the project on completion.

Soon after the hand-in date specified, there may often be a timetabled event for a whole-class review of class learning 'Glogs', where peer- assessment may take place. This is now an integral part of learning and pupils will be encouraged to give 'two stones (dau carreg)and a wish (a un dymuno)' (two encouraging comments for reward 'stones' and a target for improvement). The Teacher will view the learning 'Glog' and give a general comment on the child's work. The 'Glog' will be returned to the child when the next project is set.


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