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glog-Full House by Evanovich

By: Janet Evanovich334 pages

I conected with this book because the main character, Billie Pearce, is a 6th grade teacher and a mother!

"You don't scare me, Kaharchek. Nothing scares me. I teach sixth grade, remember?" -Billie Pearce -

One of the ADULT mystery, romance novels - with a twist - that I read this summer!

Full House

Another technique she'd learned as a sixth-grade teacher. Authoritative stalling. Never give your victim the upper hand. Always make him wait for that dreaded first sentence. Yes sir, everyone knew Mrs. Pearce could make a twelve-year-old squirm, if the situation required it.

"Well, I teach sixth grade all day, and then I come home and cook and clean and take care of my own two kids, and then after supper I iron or do lesson plans, and then I watch a little TV and go to bed."- Billie Pearce -

"My mom teaches sixth grade." Joel said.Max rolled his eyes. "I would have figured her for a prison guard at San Quentin."



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