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Glog from US Feb 01 2016

Engel V.Vitale1962

Separation of Church and StateCourt Case

OverviewA case in Vitale, New York brought to by a group of families who wanted students, teachers and staff to say a religious prayer in school other then the pledge of allegiance and a nondemoninant prayer.

What Happen?The school was residing a prayer every morning in the classroom that was granted by the State Board of Regions. A prayer that was considered to blessed and guide the teachers and students. It was not a prayer that could lead to a different religion to everyone in the school.

OutcomeThere were many arguments about this case because of the controversial disagreement on whether or not that the prayer that was stated can be used in school. The answer to the case was being said that the prayer in school should be volunter within themselves if it has to do with religion. The prayer being said every morning should be continue since it does not mention anything about any religion.

Balance the ConceptTo be able to balance the concept of separation of church and state and still value religious diversity is a struggle and high tolerance to protect the school law and the equal rights of everyone in the school. The public school law prohibits the practice of religion within the school. But balancing the equal rights to everyone who have their own religion can be handle in ways that it can't harm the school. Anyone in the school can practice their relgion, just within themselves and not around anyone.

OpinionAs an educator, being in the sitation that the parents do not agree with the prayer being said in the classroom would have been a struggle. It would be the same as how the Engel v. Vitale outcome. Because we all have the rights to many different religion that we watch what we say to anyone. But as educator I would assure that the school law is being followed by everyone and that the religion practice to anyone would stay within themselves.

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