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Glog from US Dec 10 2015

The City of CellsBy: Catherine ProudfootAnimal Cell

The cell membrane is like the border of the city. It knows who and what goes in and out of the city at all times.

The golgi bodies act like post offices. It always gets new packages from the endoplasmic reticulum delivery trucks.

The nucleus is like city hall. It controls everything in the city.

The mitochondria will act as the power plant. It will produces most of the citys well needed energy.

The vacuole will act as the bank. It will store all the money inside of it and keep it safe until needed by the customer.

The lysosomes will act as the dump. It will break down garbage so it doesn't pile up around the city.

The cytoplasm will be like the air. Without it, the people, plants, and animals in the city would not be able to survive there.

The ribosomes will act as a farm that produces wheat, milk, and meat.

The endoplasmic reticulum will act as the delivery trucks. The delivery trucks are always dropping off and picking up packages from the post office.



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