Glog from Toronto CA Nov 02 2015

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Glog from Toronto CA Nov 02 2015

The Graphics Card

By: Rocky Kuang

What Does The Graphics Card Do?

The graphics card cantrols what is being displayed on the monitor, it determines the quality of the pitures, video, or etc. It also determines how smooth it looks in games (FPS).

Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated Graphics Card are sperated from the cpu and mother board. It has its own ram so if you have 8 gb ram computer, with dedicated garphics, the 8 gb ram would be untouched. Dedicated Graphics Cards are for more serious gamer and professonal graphics designers.

Integrated Graphics Card

Integrated Graphics Cards are built in to the mother board, or cpu, it uses some of the computers ram, more depending what your are doing. Integrated graphic cards can still run games, but it doesn't perform as well as dedicated (if the prices are similar).

What Are The Parts In Dedicated Graphics Card?

A dedicated graphics card contains, memory, heat sink, connection to mother board, and connection to display devices. The memory is like RAM but only for the graphics card. The heat sink is so that the heat generated by the graphics card would be spread out evenly so it wouldnt damage parts of the graphics card. The connection to the mother board and the connection to display devices are self explanatory.



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