[2015] Serenity Xie (Peterson Civics): Terry Fox

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[2015] Serenity Xie (Peterson  Civics): Terry Fox


3.Terry Fox said his story to people when he was running across Canada. He ran even if he had cancer in his body. While causing him so much pain, I wonder does he ever feel tired or maybe even given up at one point.

Why would I want to ask these questions?1.One of my family member onces had cancer and he had felt very hopeless and full of pain. I wonder if Terry Fox had felt the same.2.Many people had become another person over night because it had a very serious problem that had happended neared them or to them,Terry Fox had cancer and he wanted to earn money for cancer reaserch.However,if he didn't have cancer would he still want to across Canada? Continue below


Terry Fox is a guy who ran across the Canada.He was born in Winnipeg on July 28th,1958 and on June 28th, 1981, he died in BC at the age of 22.He got cancer metastatic and osteosarcoma. He had a traffic accident before he had cancer ,but he felt his right kneel was paiful after.Next year,he discovered cancer.He was trying to raise money for cancer research. In 1980,he was running the Marathon of hope.He had changed nine prostheic legs when he ran across the Canada. He ran 5300 killometers and earned 24,000,000 dollars in 142 days.

Many people respect Terry Fox. It isn't just Canadian people who knew him. Many other people from different countries as well. Canadian people have a special Terry Fox walk once a year to anniversary his death or being brave. However, why do people respect him?Is it because how he earned so much money to to a cure for cancer research? this is one of the reason, but I think his spirit and action is also one of the reason. Sometimes I think if I have cancer, how will I feel? I may become self-based or I want to died because of all these pain and feeling of hopeless.The world was not fair,why would I have cancer? So I thought the world wasn't not fair to him, but I also admited him,because he didn't become negative and he became more positive than before,he just 21 years old at that time, he should studied in university or college. He also change the world After Terry Fox died,his youger brother used his money to help the cancer research.

If Terry Fox was still alive, I would ask:1. How did you feel when you got cancer?2.If you didn't have cancer,Did you think you would still want to run across Canada?3.How did you feel when you ran across Canada?

"Action speaks louder than words"

People anniversay Terry Fox.

Terry Fox experience.

Terry Fox earn money to help cancer research.

To remenber his bravely.

Terry Fox ran across the Canada.http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/terry-fox/

Where Terry Fox had ran.

Terry Fox is a canadian who made history and had won many award like Lou Marsh Trophy.

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