Glog from Sydney AU Aug 31 2015

by rosary101
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Glog from Sydney AU Aug 31 2015


EARLY EXPLORERSMany explorers were sent out to travel out to the North , South and along the coast. Many of the eurpean explorers were sent out to discover rivers and land. Many of them were not prepared for the different climate in Australia. Some foods they ate were hard tack,salted meat,horse and sometimes rat.

21ST CENTURYMany of the foods we eat now have been influenced by aboriginal foods. Now there is different types of meats to eat. And the way we cook our foods is alot different to the way it was cooked back then. Now we have foods like quail,chicken and duck.

THE GREAT DEPRESSIONWhen the Wall Street market fell everyone around the world was affected. The unemployment in Australia was bad enough already it was nearly impossible to get a job. It was even more difficult for the men who had just come back from war. Families were taught to make a big and simlple meal that was also very affordable. Some families would starve becasue of low income. Back then you had to be really smart about your money.

By Gwen.Vakauta

MULTICULTURAL DIFFERENCESMany foods we eat today in the 21st century were influenced by many countries but mainly by the Brittish Settlers. Around 1850 the chinese migrated here and introduced us to many spices and stirfrys. Other countries like Greece,Lebannon,Italy brought foods like spagetti bolongnese,stews/soups,pizza etc.

ABORIGINAL FOODAoriginal people have lived for thousands of years as they were the first people on australian land. They are very intellegent and they knew exactly the right food to eat and the posinous and dangerous foods to avoid.They lived off the land and actually went out to hunt for food whichmade them fit. Also the aboriginals diet contained plenty of fibre. Some foods they ate were witchitty grubbs,horse,seeds,plants and kangaroo and much more.

EARLY SETTLERSBesides bringing convicts to Australia, european settlers brought various grains and seeds to grow in Australia and a 2 years wrth of supplies.They also brught some animals such as geese,turkey,horse,dogs and cattle. They ate damper,turtle,horse,fish and sometimes rat. The europeans didnt really favor aboriginal food.



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