Glog from South Sioux City US Dec 04 2015

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Glog from South Sioux City US Dec 04 2015

Published by Disney-Hyperion2011

Written and Illustrated by Mo Willems

Main Characters:Elephant and Piggie

Problem:Elephant Takes so much time wondering if he should share his ice cream with Piggie that it ends up melting.

Solution:Piggie happens to show up and sees that Elephant is sad and he offers to share HIS ice cream with him.

Author's Purpose:To entertain and also to teach a lesson about sharing and friendship.

Setting:Outside near an ice cream vendor

Tone or mood:Light-hearted and humorous

Summary:Elephant struggles with sharing his ice cream but Piggie shows him how sharing works.

Did you know there is a hidden pigeon in EVERY book Mo Willems illustrates?

If you hover here and click that little paper clip you will find two fun activity books starring Elephant and Piggie!You will also find citations and sources used for this project!


An interview with Mo Willems can be found here!

(Elephant and Piggie)

(Book Title)


You should read this book and vote for it to win the Iowa Goldfinch Award because it will make you laugh and you can see what real friendship is.

Created by Vicki Winterlin



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