Glog from San Luis AR Jun 03 2015

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Glog from San Luis AR Jun 03 2015

Author: .Ian McEwan

6. Briony's storyWhy does Briony stick to her story with such unwavering commitment?

3. Robbie's letterHaving read Robbie's note to Cecilia, Briony thinks about its implications for her new idea of herself as a writer: "

Does she act entirely in error in a situation she is not old enough to undestarnd, or does she act, in part, on an impulse of malice, revenge or self-importance?


¨No more princesses!... With the letter, something elemental, brutal, perhaps even criminal had been introduced, some principle of darkness, and even in her excitement over the possibilities she did not doubt that her sister was in some way threatened and would need her help¨

Why is Robbie's uncensored letter so offensive within the social context in which it is read?

Why is Cecilia not offended by it?

At what point does she develope the empathy to realize what she has done to Cecilia and Robbie?

How does McEwan's description of Grace Turner contribute to our sympathy for Robbie and his mother?



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