[2015] Khadijah Atthar: Glog from Rancho Cordova US Aug 25 2015

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Social Studies

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[2015] Khadijah Atthar: Glog from Rancho Cordova US Aug 25 2015

Cherokee Tribe

The Trail of Tears The Trail of Tears is when the Americans forced the indians to leave or else they would be killed. As the indians were marching, some were shot and others starved because their food, which they were carrying ran out in a short amount of time, and they did not have their hunting tools and farms. They finaly stopped in the Oklahoma area.

Houses and HomesThe Cherokee tribe lived in villages near rivers. They made their houses out of rivercane and plaster, and their houses have thatched roofs.

Artifacts/Crafts- double wall baskets-canoes- clay pots canoes-They made their canoes from fallen logs and would hollow them with hot coals.double wall baskets- The double wall baskets were made from cane and slit oak tree bark.clay pots- The claypots are made out of clay, wich were dugout from riversides and then are patted into a pot shaped figured. Designs were made with sticks and stones.

ClothingThe tear dress of the Cherokee tribe is the traditional standard fashion for women and the Cherokee clothes that still remains popular for men is the ribbon shirt. Cherokee men would also wear breechcloths and leggings underneath as a pant and the Cherokee women would wear wrap-around skirts which were made out of woven fiber and deerskin and both men and women wore moccasins on their feet.

Location/EnvironmentThe Cherokee Tribe lived in Southwest Virginia, Western North Carolina, North of Georgia East Tennessee, and northeast Alabama,and are claiming on to the Ohio River.

Other Tribes Found in This Region-Chicksaw -Choctaw-Seminole-Creek-NatchezThese tribes were known as the five civilized tribes.



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