Glog from Raleigh US May 24 2016

by veronicahobbs
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Glog from Raleigh US May 24 2016

The boy that you see in the above picture is Denzel Meechie he was the first dancer that had inspired me to dance

In order for you to be a great dancer you will have to do several things.1. You don't have to be skinny or anything to dance people big , medium,and small dance really well.2.Always pratice your dancing at home or somewhere u feel comfortable3. Drink plenty of water so you want run out of breath so quickly4. Before you go to a big company you will have to start out with a smalldance company.5.NEVER GIVE UP!

Dancers either get paid per show or per week.Most dancers make as little as $50-$100 per show. While others sign contracts for them to make $1,500 per week.In order for you to become a professional dancer you may have to prominent dance school, or by getting under a experienced dancer.Dancers that have studied at special dance schools are most likely the ones that would be chosen to perform in plays,events and popular places.A dancer can also be asked to open up his/her dance company and be a dance instructor.

Steps to becoming a succesful dancer

Facts about how dancers become who they are , how much the job pays.

How to become a great dancer at a young age.

Step1- If you want to dance your going to have to love it . Maybe you want to try to look good in front of boys and girls but in order for you to love your dancing you dont need to care how people view you.Step2- You can research some well- known dancers if you have a favorite dancer you would like to dance like look up some videos of them and try to dance how they dance just believe.Step3-Learn the moves some people take dance classes or try to learn the moves on their own.Most of the time it is difficult like this you need someone you can trust who can look at your dance moves and fix your problems.Step4-Learn your dancing history me i like more like hip-hop dancing more than classic dancing so I would look up more history about hip-hop dancing.Step5-Dance with friends you feel more relieved when dance with your friends it can be more fun than dancing with yourself.Step6-Never let yourself down there may be people that say you can't dance or you can't do it just ignore those people and be successful.Step7-Some dancing involves a lot of strength and things like that so if you want to know how to do a specific dance research it so u want mess up your body.Step8-Keep praticing your dance moves your can't get or ones you think you need more pratice own so if you end up going somewhere to perform you can get it.Step9-Audition for performances pull out the dances you've learned and give it your all dont let anybody tell u no different if you audition for things then you may have a higher chance of going to a great dance college or something.



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