Glog from Phoenix US Aug 25 2015

by Dota2iscool
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Glog from Phoenix US Aug 25 2015

My family is crazy but I love them.My mothers name is Amy and my fathers name is Micheal.My brothers name is Noah.My sisters name is Abby.My parents lived in Champagne,Illionois,and met there.After they had me and my siblings.My family had to move to switzerland because of my dads job.While there my family did alot of traveling to make sure they got the most out of it.

I used to live in switzerland.Which is famous for its chocolate,bread,and vineyards.

This is my dog Tao.My family purchased him 6 months ago from a dog breeder in Maryland.He was only a few weeks old when I he joined my family.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games.My favorite game is Dota 2.Its a MOBA and a very popular game.It has many in game mechanics and you can personalize each hero to match yourself.

Another hobby of mine is playing soccer.I am a goalkeeper and I play for a club.

I currently live in Phoenix,Arizona.Which at times I hate and love.More specificaly I hate it when its 113 degree's and I have soccer practice.But everything has a brightside,like when its winter and it stays about 40-60 degree's.

This is a picture of me and my sister,Abby.As you can see my sister is wearing a Frozen,this is because my mother was going to take her to disneyland while me and my brother were in a tournament in Touson.



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