Glog from Phoenix US Apr 21 2015

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Glog from Phoenix US Apr 21 2015

lily's little plastic purse Author:kevin henkes

kitten's first full moon Author:kevin henkes

weekend with wendellAuthor Kevin Henkes

interview:By Alice Carey1996

Henkes was the fourth of five children, for six years the baby. No, he didn't torment his youngest sibling as Lilly does Julius, but says he clearly remembers feeling jealous

Author Kevin Henkes

biography information:He was born in 1960 in Racine,Wisconsin drafted his first book and illustration when he was in high school since then he had written and illustrated over 15 children's books

his website: for teachers librarian and parents news: apearences and signing schedule

Lily's Little Plastic PurseLily wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, but she had to learn to be patient and share her purse when the time is right.Genre:fictionaudience:third grade

wendell was spending the day with sophie playing games and pretendGenre:fiction picture book Audience: first and second grade

Kittens first fulltells the story of a kitten who thinks the moon is a bowl of milk. Genre: humer picture bookAudience: first grade

wimberley worriedabout mouse named wimbery who was constantly worried about everythinggenre:fictin children picture bookAudience:grade two

wimberleyworriedAuthor: Kevin Henks

little white rabbitAuthor: Kevin HenksThe little white rabbit sets out from home on an adventure and thinks about the posibilities of him being differentGenre:fiction picture bookAudience: preschool



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