[2016] harley davidson: Glog from Petersburg US Apr 08 2016 Honda

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[2016] harley davidson: Glog from Petersburg US Apr 08 2016 Honda

Intrestes: as a child he wanted to be a writer.Problems: Everytime he would speek the truth about Jospph Stalin he would be arrested.Solutions: His writingCharacter traits: Honist, trust worthy,truthfull.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived from 1918 -2008.his family: children- Stephan, Ignat,Yermolai.Spouses- Natalin Dmitrievna Svetlova and Natalia Alekseevna Rechetovskaya (2).Parents- Isaakiy Solzhenitsyn and Taisiya Solzhenitsyn. June 15th just after his mother was comfermed for her pregnancy, his father was killed in a hunting aaccedent. So he was raised by his mother and aunt in low circomstances.

He attended University of Rostov-na-Donu. Graduated from department of Mathematics and Physics. Got arrested for letters he sent to a friend that were critical of Joseph Stalin. Spent 8 years in prison/ labor camps. and 3 years in exile.

1956 - Taught mathematics and begain writting in earnest.1960 -saw his first short novel "One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.1964 -He lost government Sanctioned Publishing privilages.(started publishing undergrounds means)1970 - won Nobel prise for Literature. But didnt go for being afraid of beingreadmitted to the Soviet Union.When Arkhipelag Gulag, Solzhenitsyn was charged with treason and exiled in Soviet Union.1988- his autobigraphy (The little grain Manged to land Between two millstones:sketches of exile). Started appearing in instsallments.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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