Glog from Perth AU Jun 10 2015

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Glog from Perth AU Jun 10 2015

Water Consuming Statistics Highest America- 575 litres a day, per personAustralia-493 litres a day, per personItaly-386 litres a day, per personJapan-374 litres a day, per person LowestHaiti-15 litres a day, per personRwanda-15 litres a day, per personUganda-15 litres a day, per personMozambique-5 litres a day, per person

Food, Air, and Water

Some people have to walk kilometres and kilometres to get water, on the other hand, some have to take a few steps to get to their tap.

Did you know that 7 million premature deaths are linked to air polution?Wow!

Did you know that... Only 12% of the world breathe clean air?! 1440 children die a day because of water related diseases?!

By Isabella Mitchell

Facts805 Million people don't have enough food. That's about 1 in 9 people. Asia has the most hungry people. Did you know that 3.1 million kids die a year from hunger? That's

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