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Environmental Studies

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Glog from Nov 10 2015


Manatees are found in warmer waters only in the Eastern hemisphere around subtropical regions. Manatees are also found in shallow waters and rivers.

Manatees are also called Sea Cows. Their scientific name is Trichechus Manatu. Manatees can live from 50 to 70 years of age. Manatees are herbivores and graze on sea grass, algae, and aquatic flowers. Manatees are usually found in a herd of 20 manatee individuals.

Manatees are endangered because of...~ Overexploitation overfishing, overhunting~ Power Boat CollisionsA collision by a boat or another object.~ Coastal DevelopmentHuman induced change of landscape.~Sharks

Manatees are being helped by people making manatee sanctuaries. The money that is helping this project is coming from the tourists that pay to see the manatees with an educated guide present. This brings in more income to keep the project moving.


Endangered by




Manatees are experiencing epidemics. An epidemic is a widspread occurance of an infectious disease. The disease is caused by manatees gathering at a warm water out-flow made by a power plant.

Endangered Because


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