Glog from NL Apr 07 2015

by piekstra
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Language Arts
English Language Learners ELL, ESL EFL

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Glog from NL Apr 07 2015


2. Reading2.1 Find 3-5 articles depending on their length about your subject. 2.2 Let them be checked 2.3 Read your articles and write for each one a short summary. Show that you understand the articles. 2.4 Make a wordlist of all the articles and translate words into dutch that were new to you.

1. Listening1.1 Find 3-5 fragments about your subject. You can choose a film, documentary, tvshow, interview or other material. 1.2 Let them be checked1.3 Listen to your videos and wite a short summary to show that you understand it.

3. Writing3.1 Write 3 pieces using the information you have collected so far. There are no guidelines as to what you need to write. You may think of these yourself, but your ideas need to be checked before you start writing. 3.2 After your ideas are checked you may start writing. Level 3 students have to write 200-250 words. Level 4 students need to write 250-300 words. Ofcourse more words are always appreciated.

Writing ideasLetter to/from someone, written interview, songtext, poem, story, own feedback on something/article/situation.

4. Speaking4.1 When 1, 2 and 3 are finished you can plan your speaking/conversation. You have to hand in your case, and if your case is assessed by the teacher you can plan your 'speaking'. 4.2 You have to present your case and your findings in 5 minutes. This will contain only you speaking so make you are well prepared. 4.3 Afterwards you will be asked some questions and your entire case will be graded in total.



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