Glog from May 21 2016

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Glog from May 21 2016

Christo and Jean-Claude

The artist affected the environment by giving popularity to the islands. The artist pink color of the shiny fabric...."was in harmony with thetropical vegetation of the unhibabited verdant islands. The colors the artist used really helped emphasize the Miami sky and the waters of the Biscayne Bay. The artists saved the islands froma lot of the garbage that was being thrown there.

How artists affect the environment?

How artists affect the space?

How the artists changed the way the viewer saw the environment and space?

Opinion I do find interest into what Christo and Jean-Calaude are doing. They see a landscape and can they can make a realistic but creative representation of it. I find it to have a lot of value, it's not that easy to just come up with a representation of an environmet. The artwork looks accurate and realistic, it opened many people's eyes and changed their view on how they saw certain landscapes. In my opinion the artwork encouraged people to notice the islands and want to start taking care of them.

In 1983, eleven of the islands situated in Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, were surrounded with 6.5 million square feet (603,870 square meters) of floating pink woven polypropylene fabric covering the surface of the water and extending out from each island into the bay.

The artist made the space seem useful and important. It made the space look beautiful. The space had a good balance, painted the work from an airplane view. The artists madethe islands seem smaller with how they usedthe space throughout the painting.


The artist changed how people viewed the islands, they showed the beauty the islands are The artist encouraged the marine and land cres to pick up debris from the 11 islands. The encouraged the removal of around 40 tons of varied garbage.The garbage found included: refrigerator doors, tires kitchen sink, abandoned boats, etc.



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