[2015] Lucas Sandig: Glog from Marlton US Mar 20 2015

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[2015] Lucas Sandig: Glog from Marlton US Mar 20 2015

Author: Gary Paulsen

Title: Hatchet

ClimaxBrian's campsite was ruined by a tornado.

SettingsPlane, Canadian Woods

CharactersBrianBrian is also the protagonist


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Brian's plane crashed in Canadian woods. He must learnhow to survive in the wildernessuntil searchers take him home.

Brian was rescued when he left the emergency transmitteron while sleeping he salvaged from the plane. The man who rescued him was a fur buyer. When he heard his emergency callhe landed on the lake and took Brian home. News reporters interviewedhim and filmed a tour of his camp. He would only gain some of the weight he had before and he would have dreams about the woods.

The book is very exciting as Brian learns how to survive. You read as he starts out as a normal boy and turn into a more independent person. You might even use the information in the book just in case the same thing happens to you. It may not be like Harry Potter, but it is a very good book. I give it five stars.


Book Level: 40

"and when he suddenly ran out of breath,and paused to inhale, the red ball suddenly burst into flame."

"He came close twice, and then,down by the lake not far from the beaver house was he got his first meat."

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Point of View: FirstPerson

Theme: Nature hasno room for mistakes.




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