Glog from Lynchburg US Jun 23 2015

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Social Studies

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Glog from Lynchburg US Jun 23 2015

Digital Storytelling

I will provide pictures of different materials in the classroom, and place them around in different areas of the room to give the child ways to communicate and interact with others. I will also add sound buttons to some of the pictures to assure the child’s is meeting his needs. I will also use different apps/electronic tools, for example to accommodate his need in reading.

Universal Design to Learning


I will provide cues and prompts that assist the child to attend to the materials to assure he is being consistent with using the pictures to help him to communicate.

I will use different symbols and representation such as some sign language and hand gestures to help all individual learners and teachers to understand. I will always assure the child has consistent and meaningful exposure to pictures and symbols that are in the child’s first language or what he is accustomed to so he can comprehend and use the materials effectively.

While offering age and ability appropriate activities, I will assure the activities are irrelevant to the child’s environment and interest by providing choices to encourage the child to express his knowledge of the activity.

I will provide the child opportunities when needed to go into the quite area, to soothe and self-regulate. He will use his blanket and some down time to calm himself, and his emotions. This technique will help him to deal with frustration and to be more effective when interacting in the community and environment.

I will provide the child with books containing CD’s. This will give the child the opportunity to experience hands on by turning the pages as he listens to the story while it is read aloud on the computer. I will provide headphones for easy listening. I will also modify the mouse for the computer by placing a fuzzy sticker where he will place his finger to assure accurate movement. I will add a touch screen monitor and easy use keyboard allowing him to choose which tool works for him.

I will provide apps for the iPad to allow the child to express his thoughts and communicate, using both animated audio and video while having fun. I will also provide him with many different ways to express through creative art, and pictures for communication.








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