Glog from Laurinburg US May 07 2015

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Earth Sciences

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Glog from Laurinburg US May 07 2015

The Rainforest Biome

The rainforest is the smalles biome that there is, but it have the most animals and plants in the world.

Animals in the rainforestThere are a lot of animals in the rainforest and scients belive that there are 1,000's of more of animals and plants that have not been discovered.They are still looking fro these animals and plants.

The rainforest habitate is geting destoried realy realy fast and that is not good at all. People are cuting down the trees and are killing the plants and anmils when they do destory the rainforest. Another reason that destoring the rainforest is not good because that is where most of are medicans comes from to heal us when we get sick. So we need to stop destoring it.

Things to rembereIn the rainforest the temperature stays hot all year around and it is about 100 degrees ferinhite.The rainforest is also realy humid and moist an it rains up to 80-400 inches per year.

Main characteristicsThe rainforest have so many stuff to learn about but the main stuff is, that it is the smallest biom in the world and that it have the most plants and animals in the world to. Another thing is that it is the hotest biom and it also get the most rain.

The food web you see to the side show what eats what. The tartiary eats the secondary consumers, and the secondsry consumers eat the primary consumers eats the perducers or decomposer and the decomposers eats dead animals and the composer get its energy from the sun and when that is dine it is called photosynthesis.



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