Glog from Kirkland US May 19 2015

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Glog from Kirkland US May 19 2015

Geologist are people who study geology. They use a lot of tools. They cut open rocks and break them.To me that sounds like fun job but it is hard to. Geologist need to study rocks very detailed. They need top study Metemorphic, Sedimentery, and Igneous.

A carpenter has a job because of geology

Geology is inportant because without it we wouldn't know about rocks and we wouldn't even live in houses are buildings. Also if we didn't know about rocks we wouldn't be able to make stuff.

Geology is Important

Geology Rocks!

This is a picture of a geologist studying rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geology is the study of rocks and minerals. It includes studying all the charactersistics of a rock. The texture, the color, and the size or the minerals included. That's geoogy for you.

what is geology

What is a geologist

This is a picture of the author, Aarna

Geology is important, it's our planet.