Glog from Ketchum US Jun 06 2016

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Glog from Ketchum US Jun 06 2016

This book is about a young girl named Willow Chance, she and her family move to a town in California called Bakersfield California. On the first day of school there is a big exam, Willow got every anwser right. Willow got sent to the princapal's office to soon find out that she was suspected of cheating on the test. That is when the office sent her straight to Dell Duke her new counselor, when Willow arrives at Dells office, they do literraly nothing at all. An hour into their session Dell gets a call saying that Willows family have been killed in a car accident, thats when Mai asks her mom if Willow couls stay with her family for a litle until she can get an acual home. If you want to find out more about this book I suggest you read it.I would give this book a 10 out of 10 because this book was really touching and I liked it a lot.-

Book Plot

Willow Chance; Willow is a young girl who just moved into California, she goes to her new school where they have to to a state test she passes. Willow got sent to the princapal for "cheating" on the state test, but Willow is a very smart hardworking kid who loves to garden. One day when she was in coulnsouling with Dell Duke, Dell got a phone call saying that there had been an accient. The accident involved Willows parents...Patti; Patti is a hardworking nail salonist who takes in the job of helping Willow go through her coulnsouling, when the counselors needed to see where Willow lived they kicked Dell out of his own very dirty house, where he has to go live next door to this guy named Sadhu. When the counsiling inspectors arrive they say it is a nice house, and from then on Patti has been taking care of Willow Chance. Dell Duke; Dell Duke is Willow Chances counselor who sort of helps Willow through the tragedy that happened to Willow.Mai; Mai is a teenage girl who meets Willow on her brothers scdudling day with Dell, ever since then Mai has been helping Willow.Quang Ha; Quand Ha is a snobby little brat who is Mai's brother, he really does nothing to help Willow.

Main Characters

About the Author

Holly Goldberg Sloan was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she spent most of her childhood life. she went to the Netherlands, Istanbul, Turkey (where she went to high school), Washington D.C. and Oregon. She later started making books and was starting to sell them. She then later kept going in book writing.

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Holly Goldberg Sloan


The setting is in Bakersfield California.

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