[2015] Ella Johnson: Glog from Kennewick US Mar 26 2015

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[2015] Ella Johnson: Glog from Kennewick US Mar 26 2015

Interesting Fact Even though they are part of the Pueblo family, the Zunis spoke their own language, and had their own religion.

Food The Zunis ate corn, beans, and squash. Corn was eaten most often, it was crushed, boiled, and roasted. It was even eaten as popcorn!

Location The Zunis lived in desert areas near New Mexico and the Arizona border. Sometimes they are located in Utah and Colorado. In detail they most often live in the towns of Grants and Gallop.

The Zuni tribe

Shelter The Zunis lived in apartments, like buildings, that have over 500 rooms. These community buildings are made of stones and coated with clay.

Clothing Women wore bright turquoise jewelry with other stones included. They wore very colorful clothing with lots of beads strung on.

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Flanagan, Alice K. The Zunis. New York: Children's, 1998. Print.



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