[2015] Katherine Cooper: Glog from Kennewick US Mar 23 2015

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[2015] Katherine Cooper: Glog from Kennewick US Mar 23 2015

ClothesWomen made clothes for the family from the skins of beaver, squirrel, rabbit, and deer. Chippewa women wore long dresses with removable sleeves. Chippewa men wore breechcloths and leggings. In bad weather they also wore cloaks and ponchos.

LocationThe Chippewa tribe lives near woodlands and lakes. They live near lakes like Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. They also live in Canada, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, Montana, Northern Minnesota, and Sault Sainte Marie.

The Chippewa Tribe

Intresting Facts1.The Chippewa tribe rode in birch canoes. Canoes made of birch were light but tough. The frame was made of white cedar. Then it was covered with strips of birch bark and sewn together with special spruce tree roots that would not rot in winter. The seams were sealed with spruce or pine gum.2.Every time a bear was killed they had a ceramony.

Cited sources*A new true book called The Chippewa*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea-kpi-qN7g*http://chippewancp.blogspot.com/2011/04/chippewa-clothing.html

ShelterThey built dome-shaped houses called wigwams. Men placed tree poles in the ground and bent them to make arches. Women then tied the poles together with long strips of tree bark.

FoodIn late March they move to maple groves to collect sap. They make candy, and sweet drinks out of the sap. In late spring people set up villages along lakes and rivers where fish were plentiful. Women and children gathered berries, fruit, and nuts. Cranberries were eaten fresh. Raspberries were made in to paste or a tasty pudding. They plant corn, beans, and squash in to gardens. The beginning of fall Chippewa families divided into small groups and moved to shallow lakes or streams to harvest wild rice. In the winter men trapped mink, otter, muskrat, rabbit, fox, and beaver. Larger animals such as deer, bear, moose, and wolves were hunted.



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